Advanced Precoro API for automated data exchange

Eliminate manual work and inefficient processes by connecting Precoro to your favorite accounting and business tools. Make team collaboration easier.

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Meeting your every need

Custom integrations our customers do via Precoro API:

Get rid of unnecessary workload by building a custom connection between Precoro and your business tools. Check out the list of the most popular use cases.

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Purchase orders

Get all the approved Purchase Orders and create them in the accounting system with API.


Get all the approved Invoices and save them in the accounting system with API.


Get vendors information from your ERP and update it in Precoro via API.


Get Payment statuses from your ERP and update Invoice statuses in Precoro via API. with API.

Build your own integration

Get all suppliers, contracts, products, categories, units, locations, users, legal entities and use them with any tool via API.

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Intuitive implementation

Decided to integrate?
This is how you start

Our team will guide and support you throughout the development process and share everything you need from the Precoro standpoint, from API documentation and available end-points to the best practices from our experience with similar integrations for our clients.

  • Define the objective and check integration options

    Ascertain the process you want to automate and the system you want to integrate with Precoro. Does the system have an API? Can the API support your desired connection? If the answer is yes — you are good to go!

  • Specify the task and find the right team for it

    Create a task for your in-house development team or outsource it to a freelance integrator. Describe your requirements in detail, share Precoro API documentation and process diagram.

  • Wait for the connection to be developed and test it

    Test out the completed integration with your team. Check whether data gets synced correctly. Let your development team know if the task is complete. Enjoy improved workflow and focus on what really matters.

Use case

Cropnuts uses Precoro API to send purchase orders to Xero automatically

With Precoro, Cropnuts employees have what they need to smoothly manage the purchasing processes and make sure that all the work in the lab is done on time.

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Automation made simple

Check out other ready-made integrations Precoro has to offer:


Send PO's, invoices, and other data from Precoro to QuickBooks.

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Sync Precoro with NetSuite and automate your workflows.

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Single sign-on

Integrate Precoro with your SSO provider for better security.

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Get a hands-on presentation of the software features tailored to your requirements. Here's what you can expect during the call:

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  • Personalized product overview
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